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We have quickly gained traction with world-class incubators, innovators, and academic institutions

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  • Expand team to 20

  • Have representation and feeds in every Canadian accelerator/incubator

  • Corporate bounties coming in from across North America

  • Resource hub for founders and innovators

  • Regular exclusive events for our network

  • Majority lead in the open innovation and gateway enterprise marketplace markets for North America

  • Start ingress into European markets

  • Automatic assessment tools for large corporate procurement

  • AI enhanced bounties and KPI tracking

  • Insight data feeds for solution providers

  • Partner and affiliate perk programs for all network members

  • We have an ambitious goal that’s backed by early adoption of our target market, as well as software that guarantees ease of use that’ll produce viral user-growth. In a few years time, we’ll have created a new market of decentralized problem solving that can be recreated at the local, national, and international level

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