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BountyBoard is an problem solving engine, fuelled by an AI platform that connects you with a curated community of innovators

Traditional innovation-seeking is


With BountyBoard you now have a standardized place to
discover solutions to your unique problems

How it works

Step 1: Setting the Stage

We ask you the right questions to formulate a Bounty. Typically, this consists of the problem context, problem history timeline, desired outcomes, budget, and previous attempts to solve the problem.

Step 2: Posting the Bounty

We will then post the problem to Bounty Board, where it will be seen by our community of innovators who submit solutions.

Step 3: Matching

Our AI will filter the bids and find the most relevant solution providers to solve the problem. You will then be able to choose who you would like to work with. We will put you in contact with the innovator(s) to start the solving process.

Step 4: Solution

Based on the terms you specify, the solution provider will solve the identified problem.

The AI

BountyBoard collects metadata information on all solution providers and solution seekers. The AI engine then pairs up this data with feedback collected different stages of the engagement between both parties. The models are then trained to predict the success of future engagements between solution seekers and solution providers based on the engagements of parties similar to them in the past.

Community Platforms

The bounty platform will be live in Q2 2021. In the meantime, we’re using discord as a communication platform to build our community. We have multiple text channels pertaining to specific topics and several chat living rooms to host conversations. We’re continuously adding features and bots that increase activity and build cohesion.

Bounty has a slack application that connects with your slack workspace for your community. The application creates a new channel where bounties are posted, relevant information is shared, and members of the Bounty team are active to answer questions

We’re building a content hub that consists of a weekly newsletter, podcast, blog posts, office hours, workshops, and events. You’ll get access to all of these resources after signing up on our platform.