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Bounty Board transcends the boundaries of incubators, peer groups, and universities by uniting all these innovations into a decentralized problem-solving hub. Get access to validated problems posted by credible organizations with scoped requirements, budgets, and outcomes.

Start solving big, real problems, now

What we're solving, together

We heard the same story over and over from our neighbouring innovators:

"We're not solving the problems that inspired us to innovate in the first place."

It didn't matter how many resources they received, they were never prepared for the obstacles of larger clients. It was like they spoke a different language and even though we knew we could solve their unique problem in a new and innovative way these companies would often go for a one-size-fits all solution. We were all missing out on what could be our big break.

This usually leads to Startups and Scale-Ups focusing on short-term wins just to sustain themselves, and these short term wins are never the meaningful projects they desired to solve.

We're turning that problem on its head.

BountyBoard gives those large businesses a new way to find solutions to their problem through a curated community of entrepreneurs. Their internal innovation processes is using BountyBoard to discover you, the perfect fit to their problem

BountyBoard also gives the innovation community a space to network together as a breeding ground for new businesses, ideas, and solutions that benefit society as a whole

A list of problems is just the first step.
You'll also:

Be part of a curated community of innovators

Gain access to resources, mentoring, content hub

Meet with like-minded innovators to share and improve ideas

How it works

Companies and organizations post 'Bounties' to the BountyBoard platform.

Innovators like yourself will be matched via BountyBoard's AI based on your capabilities, history, and interests. You'll then bid on solving the bounty.

Once you win the Bounty you're connected with the Solution Seekers and begin working on their unique problem by applying your innovative solution

Once you're done your success is added to your BountyBoard rating, where you can show off your accolades when you bid on future bounties

The AI

BountyBoard collects metadata information on all solution providers and solution seekers. The AI engine then pairs up this data with feedback collected different stages of the engagement between both parties. The models are then trained to predict the success of future engagements between solution seekers and solution providers based on the engagements of parties similar to them in the past.

Community Platforms

The Bounty platform is currently in beta, and access is granted through a waitlist. In the meantime, we’re also using discord as a communication platform to build our community. We have multiple text channels on specific topics and several live chat living rooms to host conversations. We’re continuously adding features and bots that increase activity and build cohesion.

Bounty has a Slack application that connects with your community's workspace. The application creates a new channel where Bounties are posted, relevant information is shared, and members of the Bounty team are active to answer questions

We’re building a content hub that consists of a weekly newsletter, podcast, blog posts, office hours, workshops, and events. You’ll get access to all of these resources after signing up on our platform.