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What is Bounty? Excerpt From Podcast Episode #1

This transcript was taken from the premiere episode of Solution Revolution, a podcast hosted by Francois Le Roux, CEO and Founder of Bounty Board. In this episode, Colin Houston, our Director of Community, asked Francois a few questions about what Bounty is and where the idea came from. -----------

What is BountyBoard?

So, Francois, what is Bounty?
Bounty is essentially two different sides of a project that we're hoping will take off. It’s a place where people can find problems that companies are dealing with, acquire all the information that they need about that problem, and get connected with the people who are dealing with that problem. We’re trying to streamline the regular procurement process and market research that most companies have to go through. That’s one side of it - a very transactional platform where Bounties are coming in; they’re informing people. Proposals and solutions are being connected to those bounties. 

"With the right people in the right community there really isn't any problem that can't be solved."

And that's the Bounty Board, right?
Yes, that’s one side of the coin. That’s what we’re calling the Bounty Board itself. The Bounty community is more to support the people who are innovating and the people who might not know how to go through certain steps yet because it's their first time going through it or they're dealing with problems that they can't necessarily face alone. The Bounty community is what we built out on Discord and we're trying to really inspire that cooperative mindset. 
Great, and so what was it that sparked the idea of bounty?
Well, it essentially came from the basic concept that we're going to be talking to a whole bunch of large companies for our artificial intelligence platform, Terrene. As we built Terrene we realized that we're getting a lot of people telling us about issues that we don't solve: things that might be related to the blockchain or supply chain automation technology. They were asking us all of these questions which we didn't have a satisfactory answer for and instead of letting those opportunities go by we figured that we know the people who can solve these things. We’re in this tech community where we have all of these networks and people that are extremely talented. So why don't we share these problems with them? I think with the right people in the right community there really isn't any problem that can't be solved.
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