How we got here

While working overseas our founder saw where simple solutions could have changed lives. And yet there were more roadblocks and potholes than success stories.

That frustrating reality stuck with him. Something had to be done. He theorized that with the right people, with the right information, at the right time, even the largest problems can be solved.

Our team went on to build an AI company to test out that theory, that: we can solve bigger problems with better information.  With machine learning and predictive analytics we worked with Fortune500 companies and achieved a tangible success for our clients. But, it was a steep learning curve with slow progress.

Even though artificial intelligence is a powerful tool, it alone couldn't solve every problem. We needed the right people with innovative minds, passion, and a drive to solve things. 

We began connecting with other innovators and found that they resonated with our experiences. Every single one was running into roadblocks when trying to solve big problems, especially when working with enterprises.

This status quo for innovation just wasn’t scalable.

Brain image

"What if?"

What if we build a place, a platform that scales
for innovators and those looking to innovate?


a democratized marketplace

connecting innovators with solution seekers

all powered by artificial intelligence