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For corporations

Solve your biggest challenges

Post your problems to a curated community of innovators who provide solutions.

Find solutions in the hottest new industries or new ways of thinking in already established spaces. Adopting new technologies that suit your needs is easier than ever with BountyBoard.


Artificial Intelligence


Supply Chain




And much more

A Single Platform

Gives companies a standardized place to discover solutions to their unique problems.

Democratized Marketplace

Solution-seekers and innovators benefit from an AI matchmaking marketplace that connects solutions to "Bounties" or unsolved bids.

Innovator Community

Solution providers have access to resources, mentoring, and the opportunity to collaborate in a curated market with like-minded innovators.

How it works
Get started now with minimal risk
  1. 1
    You identify your problem (or use our AI tools to do it for you) and post it to BountyBoard
  2. 2
    Our curated community of innovators applies to solve the Bounty
  3. 3
    We help you conduct due diligence to choose who you want to work with
  4. 4
    We introduce you to the solution provider and provide KPI tracking to ensure deployment goes successfully
  5. 5
    The solution provider solves your Bounty
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Artificial intelligence

Our autoML platform

We have built a platform that allows innovation seekers and problem solvers to find each other.

Profiles are matched using our proprietary AI matchmaking algorithm that looks at unique company tags, historical successes, deployment risk, and many other variables that are informed by our initial assessments using our autoML platform.
Where is this going?
Bounty will become a fully automated / self service AI tool that can identify, scope out, and define problems and then match them with the best solution whether it comes from our community of innovators or internally from your organization.
For solution providers

Join the most ambitious innovators in the world

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1. Find meaningful problems to solve.
Interdisciplinary Bounties are posted from all around the world.
2. Get revenue.
Bounty budgets range from $10K to $1M+.
3. Network.
Meet likeminded innovators in the community to collaborate on initiatives and share resources.
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About us

How it began

A group of founders noticed a disconnect between the brilliant minds and solutions surrounding them from the real-world problems they could be solving.

Someone had to build a better way to unite the two.

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