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BountyBoards hosted by innovative communities.

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Innovators get revenue by solving Bounties for corporates.

Corporations get their problems solved.

Startup hubs get revenue for hosting the two.

Private BountyBoards

Each community has a private BountyBoard, where corporations post "Bounties" for innovators to solve.

Bounties are solved by members of the community. BountyBoard facilitates the matches.
Global Network

These BountyBoards create a global board of problems and solvers, enabling a new way for the world to innovate.
Solve your problems with Bounty
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Post your unique innovation or R&D-related problems to a startup community's private BountyBoard.

Connect with thousands of innovators and get your problem solved.
Provide solutions for organizations
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Gain revenue by solving Bounties for large companies.

Take your team of 3 and work with teams of 300,000.
Startup Hubs
Connect your community
with opportunities
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Host a BountyBoard to connect your corporate partners with your innovators.

And, earn revenue in the process.
What made you want to build this?
We picture a time where there is a large Bounty Board of unsolved problems open to the community. And the community has a place to come together and work on solving those problems.

We'll start small with B2B solution offering, but will grow it into the future town square.
Can I join if I'm already solving a problem?
Of course! The Bounty platform might expose you and your team to problems related to what you're building, allowing you to explore opportunities you might have otherwise missed.
How will you decide who gets to solve which problems?
The Bounty posters, or Solution Seekers, will be selecting the solution and the provider. BountyBoard uses machine learning to assist in presenting viable options to the Seekers.
Who are the innovators on the BountyBoard platform?
We work with accelerators, venture studios, universities, researchers, startups, and other groups. Our innovation ecosystem consists of a diverse group of global innovators.
How did you choose the name "Bounty"?
We picked it because of the dual meaning of an open problem to solve, as well as what "bountiful" encompasses in "literally bestowing gifts or favours."
Can Bounties be posted anonymously?
Yes! If the Solution Seeker would like their Bounty to be posted anonymously, they can be.
How long does it take to solve a Bounty?
The duration of the engagement depends on the scope and complexity of the Bounty. Some Bounties only require a one-month contract, while others require several years.
Who owns the IP?
Bounty offers various IP frameworks depending on each corporate's unique needs.